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11/16/2019 - A Whimsical and Some Practical!

Our friends at Liberty Tabletop enjoy introducing new flatware patterns! How’s this for whimsical?

Yes, you’re seeing it right: flatware with different Christmas designs on each of the 5-pc set!
And this MADE IN AMERICA Flatware is DISCOUNTED 15% now thru December 31st!
Also a Server Set is available for the Christmas Dinner or Holiday Buffet Tables!
CLICK HERE to order the Liberty Tabletop Holidays Pattern Flatware.

And please remember Liberty’s Pinehurst Pattern is also DISCOUNTED 15% now for the month of November!

All other Liberty Patterns are DISCOUNTED 10% now until Thanksgiving!
CLICK HERE to shop and order your choice of 18 different Liberty Tabletop Flatware Patterns!


Crafted Arts & Crafts products can be touch-and-go on availability in time for Christmas due to Holiday workshop backlogs.
To eliminate this risk, we are again listing MADE IN AMERICA
Arts & Crafts products currently available for immediate shipment.

1) Our brand NEW hand-crafted Maher Clocks that are available in two finishes.

CLICK HERE to order one of our NEW Maher Clocks!

2) 3 styles of hand-crafted Craftsmen Studios Table Lamps

CLICK HERE to order a Craftsmen Studio hand-crafted Table Lamp!

3) Framed Weaver Ginkgo Welcome Tile

CLICK HERE to order this gorgeous framed Welcome Tile.

4) Maine Woolens are woven in Maine

CLICK HERE to order a Maine Woolens Throw or Blanket!

5) Woven in America Frank Lloyd Wright Collection© Cotton Throws

CLICK HERE to order a Frank Lloyd Wright Collection© Throw

We have 4 Stores on Zazzle to craft our custom products and this is a good time to be selecting your Gift Pillows; your Holiday Table Linens and your Seasonal Shopping Totes!

6) Helen Foster:

CLICK HERE to shop our Helen Foster Zazzle Store!

7) Louis Sullivan:

CLICK HERE to shop our Louis Sullivan Zazzle Store!

8) William Morris:

CLICK HERE to shop our William Morris Zazzle Store!

9 ) Ceramic Tiles:

CLICK HERE to shop our very popular Zazzle Tile Store.

The best personal Holiday gift is a unique hand-crafted Arts & Crafts item for your spouse, partner, relative or friend.

11/13/2019 - Is there someone at the door?
Be sure and give them a BIG WELCOME!

1) We have NEW

Features 3 heavy outdoor Door Mats with Frank Lloyd Wright window designs: his bootlegged Blossom House, the Coonley Children’s Playhouse and the Martin House in Buffalo. NY plus 2 indoor Door Mats using two of the same designs in color!
CLICK HERE to order a Wright design Door Mat!

2) How about Welcoming Motto Boards

When prominently hung in the foyer, over a doorway or over the fireplace mantel you clearly state your warm and friendly attitude towards visitors..
CLICK HERE to order an Arts & Crafts Welcome Motto Board.

3) Or a Framed Welcoming Homestead Print

This is a fabulous gift item that will become a family heirloom!
CLICK HERE to order a unique framed Homestead Print.

11/2/2019 - The Holidays Are Almost Here!
1) Would you like an Accessory Arts & Crafts Table, Bookstand or Mirror as a household Holiday Gift?

As the Holiday gets closer, our Craftsman Brett can get overwhelmed with orders and there comes when he can no longer ship in time for Christmas.
Of course, the earlier you order the more likely he can commit to a pre-Christmas delivery.
CLICK HERE to shop and order any of the items shown above!

2 ) Little time remains to get Laced Up For The Holidays!

A window spruce-up will brighten your Holidays and impress your guests at Thanksgiving, various Christmas parties and of course the New Years Eve Holiday wrap up.
Order NOW; there is still enough time to get it done!
CLICK HERE to shop our large selection of Cooper Scottish Lace

10/30/2019 - Can You Believe Its November Already?
Looking for a Unique Holiday Gift?
Check out our out of production collection of consigned Ephraim Pottery!

CLICK HERE to shop the Ephraim Pottery Collection
10/1/2019 - RARE MOTAWI TILE ! ! !